We LOVE coffee.

Some like it steaming hot, others love it cold. To some it’s the main event, to others it’s the foreplay that starts the day or the postcoital tonic that caps a fine dining experience. For us, it’s a way of life that sometimes borders on obsession. We drink coffee before coming to work, in a coffee house. We plan trips based on potential coffee experiences. We approach a new roastery with a glazed look of insatiable desire.

Yep, we are deep in the throes of a mad, passionate love affair. But, alas, we are not singular, selfish lovers. Indeed, we carry the emerging banner of polyamorousness: we love many coffees and seek to share this love with many people. On any given day we will be brewing single origin coffees from some of best roasters on the planet, including our very own Relax Roasting Co., and every day you'll find our legendary house blend and house espresso. So stop in, let us share the love!

Image by Greter Photography