Black Lacquer Blend - Origin Story

Some projects take a little more than others to get across the finish line… A little more creativity, a little more craftsmanship, a little more dedication. Take the ’32 Ford five-window coupe recently built by Henry Richards and Steadfast Manufacturing. The old Ford was slated to be re-built into just another “weathered, survivor-style hot rod” for owner Norman Bradley. But by the time Henry and his team were done with the car, it had become the “2020 Tanks, Inc. Hot Rod of the year”. 

Inspired by Henry and his crew, the team at Relax Roasting Co. set about creating a coffee as deep and dark as the paint on that “bitchin’ black coupe”. The result: Black Lacquer Blend, the first offering in our “Rust Belt Roasted” tribute coffees, and the boldest and darkest blend to ever leave our roastery.

Black Lacquer is an exceptional blend of some of the finest Brazilian Arabica beans we could get our hands-on. To transform these beans into Black Lacquer, our roasters balance time and temperature on a razor’s edge. Unlike many mainstream dark coffees, which use roasting to hide flavor imperfections in smoke, our roasters have managed to deliver a sweet, caramelized dark roast that remains unique and true to its roots… Like Steadfast and Relax. 

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