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This year marks the 39th anniversary of Duran Duran’s second, platinum-selling album, Rio. The album delivered massive hits and brooding tracks to teenagers around the world. There was something so different about Rio, it was sonically moody in a way that was inspirational, not depressing. In fact, our founder --one of those angsty, misunderstood teenagers feeling feelings no one else ever felt-- sees this album as one of the bookends of his adolescence.


Our Honduran Duran is offered as a tribute to the boys from Birmingham, and all the misunderstood youth of our past, present, and future. This coffee is from the San Vicente co-op, which sits outside the town of Pena Blanca, of the Santa Barbara district in West Honduras. It’s an exotic location known for its fertile volcanic soil, the microclimate caused by Lake Yojoa at the base of the mountain, and the meticulous nature of the people in charge of quality control at San Vicente. Not only just an exporter, they also assist over 1,500 producers with planting, processing, and curating specialty lots, and this strong relationship based on trust, hard work, and passion for coffee shows in the cup.


The Honduras San Vicente is roasted to a “city” medium roast for a balanced flavor profile, with strong notes of milk chocolate, and a hint of lemon taste. It’s tasteful, romantic, and a bit mysterious, like its namesake.


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