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The medium roasted brew is heavy-bodied, pungent, and considered to be dry with a chocolatey aroma and notes of spice and nuts.




There is a reason why Malabar Farm in Richland County, Ohio is named after a place 8,000-miles away on the west coast of India. When author Louis Bromfield was driving around the hills of north central Ohio in 1938 looking for a suitable site for his new home and experimental farm, he had just received a fat check from 20th Century-Fox for the rights to turn his latest novel into a movie.


The novel, The Rains Came, was set on the Malabar coast of India and became a best-seller; the movie was the most expensive film ever produced, and it turned into the biggest blockbuster the studio had ever seen. The success allowed Bromfield to realize his dream of becoming a gentleman farmer.


Our Modern Malabar coffee pays tribute to this local legend. We start with an “India Monsoon Malabar AA” sourced from several family owned farms in the Chikmagalur growing region of Karnataka, a southern state in India. Many of these farms have been in operation for close to one hundred years, passed down through the family from one generation to the next. Care is taken to select fully ripened cherries that are naturally sun dried and then hulled.


The “monsooning” occurs when the green processed coffee is transported to the Malabar coastal city of Mangalore during the rainy monsoon months (June to August) and spread out on large covered patios where the coffee can slowly absorb moisture, causing it to swell and turn white.


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